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Fuck Stress

Yesterday, when I arrived at our workplace, my officemates informed me that the husband of our Administrative Officer had a heart attack. He just turned 40. When I was young, not so long ago, the people who get heart attack ranges from 60-70 years old.

During these unbelievable moments, you have these realizations about your own life. Before hearing the terrible news about my officemate’s husband, I left home with tears in my eyes because we found out that my aunt was diagnosed with cancer. These moments are wake up call.

The news yesterday were too much too handle. I had that blank moment. Ironically, these blank moments are often the moments when you realize a lot of things.

The world today, I believe is undergoing a process. We are reaping what we sow and learning from the collective mistakes of the whole humanity. A lot of people getting diseases is part of the process because believe it or not, it will start the new awareness. This is the generation where people are trying to live in the now, to live their lives to the fullest. Instagram, (and maybe Facebook) posts are about healthy living–gym pictures, smoothies, organic, Urban gardening. All is happening at this very moment without people realizing it. The New Earth is emerging.

So after that blank moment, I stood up and I said out loud, “FUCK STRESS”

The number one cause of these diseases is stress, not even the food that we are eating. It’s just stress. And based on my observation, the number one cause of stress is our desire to PLEASE OTHER PEOPLE. This shit comes in all forms and sizes.

Say for example, at work, we get stressed out because we need to please a higher authority. We try to join people that we don’t even like because we are afraid that they will kick us out and will gossip about us. Work is just work. It will not matter in the bigger picture. That is why stressing about it is unnecessary.

We are walking stiffly in the face of the earth because we are afraid of rejection. That causes a lot of stress. This is my story. I haven’t been myself these past years. I haven’t published art. I have been insecure. I have been sugar coating praises to please other people. I have this need to ask others about the way I look, the way I talk and the way I move. These causes a lot of stress and probably stress to other people.

So whatever it is that you are experiencing now, give STRESS that middle finger of yours. It is not worth it.


May 8 Rants

I love my new phone. I still can’t stop praising it even though I bought this a month ago. I can write random thoughts and endless rants using it, without opening my laptop.

Well this post is another honesty post about my thoughts especially about my day job.

Ok.  I am now in the planning process of quitting my job. My goal is to leave it before September. A huge work event is coming during that month and it will coincide with my Indonesia Trip. That’s a petty reason to quit a regular job but I just can’t stand the process of filing leaves and the questioning ordeal. On a larger perspective, I cannot see myself here anymore. I once loved this job but the heart is gone. The passion is not just there anymore. Every move is nonesense.

I want to get rich. I have made people rich as a business counselor. Allow me to be selfish. Allow me to dream. I want to put up a business, not just talk the fucking talk. “How dare you to advocate entrepreneurship! You don’t even have a business” I cannot be kind all the time, hearing my clients’ business problems. Fuck! I want to be fucking rich like you!

In a couple of months, I will enter the quarter life. I will be 25 then. By that time, I should be doing the things I love the most. Life is short. I need not waste a single shit of time. My decision should be quick.

What the Cabrera Siblings taught me

Last month, I met Vraja, the Hare Krishna devotee . He has this really long Spiritual name which I can hardly pronounce. I texted him.

“What do they call you? Your name is really long. Haha”

“Haha. You can call me Prabhu. The devotees in the temple call each other Prabhu which means Master. We believe that we can learn from each other and that is also a sign of humility”

Vraja is a wise man. He chews and spits wisdom.


I am a traveler. Some think I am a hardcore traveler. But I just consider myself a semi-hardcore traveler. When I hear the word “hardcore traveler” it gives me the impression that you have to meet the following criteria:

1. You quit your job to travel.

2. You left everything behind.

3. You couchsurf and hitchike.

4. You only book a one-way ticket to God knows where.

5. You hate package tours.

I only couchsurf and hate package tours. That makes me a semi-hardcore traveler.


Last weekend, I joined my girlfriend’s family trip in Baguio. I had a great time because my gf’s siblings taught me a great lesson: Be curious at all times.

I have traveled Baguio loads of time. When we were kids, we go there every year. That’s where I learned how to skate under Sir Ed’s supervision, our “skating instructor” in Camp John Hay. Baguio is the place where I realized that I am afraid of heights. It is also the place where I conquered that fear.

I even worked there for a couple of months when I was still employed by a nutrition company. From a stressful environment in the office, Baguio is a breath of fresh air. 

Traveling in Baguio became a routine. Its just another “home” for me. I took it for granted. Everything is ordinary. There is nothing new anymore.

That’s the danger of being a frequent traveler. You tend to take things for granted. The familiarity is a disease that you cannot even notice.

This place looks like this place. That place looks like that place. This road feels like I’m back in this road. Again, the familiarity disease.


Be Curious at all times! That’s how the Cabrera siblings do things. They have been to Baguio but not as often as I do. Everything still looks amazing and fresh for them. Every road. Every flower. Every mountain. Every tree. Every taxi. Every vendor. Every person. Every experience.

I have heard some cliches from them like “It feels like we are in a giant freezer.” Cliche, but it still feels funny.

One of them saw this violet chili. I have seen this plant for the nth time. But her excitement made me want to buy the plant and keep it.


I am a traveler. Some think I am a hardcore traveler. But I just consider myself a semi-hardcore traveler. When I hear the word “hardcore traveler” it gives me the impression that you have to meet the only criteria: CURIOUS.


“You can call me Prabhu. The devotees in the temple call each other Prabhu which means Master. We believe that we can learn from each other and that is also a sign of humility”


I have learned from my Masters..

Happy Birthday my Dear Blog

It all started when I decided to write a post about a “hipster” movie I just watched entitled ME, YOU and EVERYONE WE KNOW. It was the day after the Valentines day…Now, I consider this blog as one of the few consistent things in my life.

I am an artist, but I am not a writer. Writing will always be a frustration. But I just need to vent out my artistic thoughts using this blog or else I’ll be a wacko. Nothing against wackos though.

For one year I have written more than a hundred post especially about travels and my spiritual journey. This blog became a friend who never left me even though I felt like I was a fickle-minded brat suffering from a quarter life crisis and not to mention the regular spiritual crisis. This blog understood me, the inner me.

Again, I am not a good writer, but the less I cared about that fact, the more I wanted to write.

For 1 whole year, 169 friends followed me. Not a big number but I don’t really care. One person following a frustrated writer is already a bonus. 169? It’s already heaven.  What more could I ask for? So thank you, thank you and thank you for following and reading my blog. I really appreciate it.

More years to come,

Not Your Average Stranger.

How to Crash a Fun Run

Fun runs are everywhere….Seriously. One fun run this weekend. Another in the next. It makes me think if running is already overrated.  Hipsters who used to love running will say “Screw running! It’s already a mainstream”. Everybody is joining funruns. People are bragging about their accomplished distance. There is also an influx of Instagram posts before, during and after the run. Hashtag we made it. Hashtag Fun. Hashtag Run. Hashtag Foot Sore. Hashtag cramps. (Guilty as charged)

Given these irritating facts about funruns, I have to admit that I still love them. I still believe that they are the solution for any lazyheads like me to get up and to get going.

But some funruns can be a pain in the pocket especially if you are making a hobby out of it. So my friends and I have decided to crash a run. It is very possible because you usually run at Public Highways. Of course this is not applicable if you are collecting singlets and Finisher’s medal.

Here are some tips/rules on how to crash a run:

1. Go with your friends who are already registered. Never leave them. Never leave their sight. If you don’t have your friends with you, roam around the area. For sure you know someone from school, from church or from your office. As I’ve said earlier, everybody is joining fun runs

2. Wear a closed jacket to conceal your shirt since you are not wearing an official singlet. If it is not cold, pretend it is. Can you identify the crashers in the picture below?


3. Speak in English with a British Accent or Tag-lish, People, especially the organizers won’t recognize how poor and desperate you are to even think that you can crash a run.

4. Run with Dignity (hahaha seriously?)

5. If you can’t do #4 , run as if you are a fugitive from the law or as if you are running away from zombies.

6. Enjoy and don’t mind other people. As I’ve said, it’s a public highway.

21 Days

…is all you need to master a habit, according to some experts.

Some people with “New Years Resolutions” are already rejoicing now for they have developed a new habit.

Some are probably a bit frustrated because they failed to stick with their goals.

Unfortunately, some developed a bad habit.

I am “all of the above.”

I have maintained a day to day project for 21 days (a surprise). I am fast-food free for 21 days. I have been exercising almost everyday for 21 days. I have been a good consumer for 21 days and I finally opened a bank account.

I have tried to wake up at 5am, but the weather is really a bed weather. I have tried not to buy an article of clothing but the Pajamas were really tempting (blame the bed weather  again). I have tried not to drink a cup of coffee in Starbucks but I am dreaming for Chai Latte every night (yes, still about the bed weather).

Either way, I still feel balanced. I am not justifying my failures. It’s just that I want the best of both worlds. Being a failure will always complement success, vice versa.

Screw the 21-day rule. Go for spontaneity. Go for balance.