Fuck Stress

Yesterday, when I arrived at our workplace, my officemates informed me that the husband of our Administrative Officer had a heart attack. He just turned 40. When I was young, not so long ago, the people who get heart attack ranges from 60-70 years old.

During these unbelievable moments, you have these realizations about your own life. Before hearing the terrible news about my officemate’s husband, I left home with tears in my eyes because we found out that my aunt was diagnosed with cancer. These moments are wake up call.

The news yesterday were too much too handle. I had that blank moment. Ironically, these blank moments are often the moments when you realize a lot of things.

The world today, I believe is undergoing a process. We are reaping what we sow and learning from the collective mistakes of the whole humanity. A lot of people getting diseases is part of the process because believe it or not, it will start the new awareness. This is the generation where people are trying to live in the now, to live their lives to the fullest. Instagram, (and maybe Facebook) posts are about healthy living–gym pictures, smoothies, organic, Urban gardening. All is happening at this very moment without people realizing it. The New Earth is emerging.

So after that blank moment, I stood up and I said out loud, “FUCK STRESS”

The number one cause of these diseases is stress, not even the food that we are eating. It’s just stress. And based on my observation, the number one cause of stress is our desire to PLEASE OTHER PEOPLE. This shit comes in all forms and sizes.

Say for example, at work, we get stressed out because we need to please a higher authority. We try to join people that we don’t even like because we are afraid that they will kick us out and will gossip about us. Work is just work. It will not matter in the bigger picture. That is why stressing about it is unnecessary.

We are walking stiffly in the face of the earth because we are afraid of rejection. That causes a lot of stress. This is my story. I haven’t been myself these past years. I haven’t published art. I have been insecure. I have been sugar coating praises to please other people. I have this need to ask others about the way I look, the way I talk and the way I move. These causes a lot of stress and probably stress to other people.

So whatever it is that you are experiencing now, give STRESS that middle finger of yours. It is not worth it.


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