Please give it to me

Remind me that I am a good person.

Remind me that I am special.

That’s what I need. An assurance that I am. 

Motivate me. 

Don’t let me fall.. 

Don’t let me quit. 


How to Crash a Fun Run

Fun runs are everywhere….Seriously. One fun run this weekend. Another in the next. It makes me think if running is already overrated.  Hipsters who used to love running will say “Screw running! It’s already a mainstream”. Everybody is joining funruns. People are bragging about their accomplished distance. There is also an influx of Instagram posts before, during and after the run. Hashtag we made it. Hashtag Fun. Hashtag Run. Hashtag Foot Sore. Hashtag cramps. (Guilty as charged)

Given these irritating facts about funruns, I have to admit that I still love them. I still believe that they are the solution for any lazyheads like me to get up and to get going.

But some funruns can be a pain in the pocket especially if you are making a hobby out of it. So my friends and I have decided to crash a run. It is very possible because you usually run at Public Highways. Of course this is not applicable if you are collecting singlets and Finisher’s medal.

Here are some tips/rules on how to crash a run:

1. Go with your friends who are already registered. Never leave them. Never leave their sight. If you don’t have your friends with you, roam around the area. For sure you know someone from school, from church or from your office. As I’ve said earlier, everybody is joining fun runs

2. Wear a closed jacket to conceal your shirt since you are not wearing an official singlet. If it is not cold, pretend it is. Can you identify the crashers in the picture below?


3. Speak in English with a British Accent or Tag-lish, People, especially the organizers won’t recognize how poor and desperate you are to even think that you can crash a run.

4. Run with Dignity (hahaha seriously?)

5. If you can’t do #4 , run as if you are a fugitive from the law or as if you are running away from zombies.

6. Enjoy and don’t mind other people. As I’ve said, it’s a public highway.

21 Days

…is all you need to master a habit, according to some experts.

Some people with “New Years Resolutions” are already rejoicing now for they have developed a new habit.

Some are probably a bit frustrated because they failed to stick with their goals.

Unfortunately, some developed a bad habit.

I am “all of the above.”

I have maintained a day to day project for 21 days (a surprise). I am fast-food free for 21 days. I have been exercising almost everyday for 21 days. I have been a good consumer for 21 days and I finally opened a bank account.

I have tried to wake up at 5am, but the weather is really a bed weather. I have tried not to buy an article of clothing but the Pajamas were really tempting (blame the bed weather  again). I have tried not to drink a cup of coffee in Starbucks but I am dreaming for Chai Latte every night (yes, still about the bed weather).

Either way, I still feel balanced. I am not justifying my failures. It’s just that I want the best of both worlds. Being a failure will always complement success, vice versa.

Screw the 21-day rule. Go for spontaneity. Go for balance.

Is this generation a stupid generation?

January 16, 2014

The chapel. The huge chapel is standing majestically in the middle of the tall buildings of the university. The sanctuary is still wrapped with Christmas Lanterns– a reminder that Christmas is not yet over even after the Epiphany. I entered the church and I was amazed that the facade is just a glimpse of what is inside. Eight chandeliers are hanging, all lit up. Eight, the number that represents infinity. The pews, two columns of it are aligned perfectly. The side lights are constantly changing. Blue..Green…Red.. Changing the mood of the seeker. But I like blue. The ceiling is also painted with blue and little asterisk stars were added to represent the sky. In the middle was the usual cross, some angels and some saints. I can say that this church is still unique, peaceful…and an intersection of the old and the new. I am asking myself  why aren’t there any students inside. The school was known as one of the biggest schools in the region. Religion aside, can’t the young people nowadays appreciate such beauty? Sitting still and appreciating things money can’t buy? Aren’t they fed up with noise? Can’t they just stop and stare at beauty. Or is this generation a stupid generation — all victims of modernization? I hope not.

Starting a New Habit with a bit of a Gamble

My gf and I has always been planning to wake up everyday at 5 a.m.. It doesn’t seem to work at all! One time, we’ve tried to write the word “5am” as many as possible on a piece of paper. The next day after the doodle night, we woke up really late. Writing the word is another failed attempt to wake up at 5am. Of course, setting up the alarm at 5am will always be a myth for me. It never works (as far as I’m concerned). 

So this time, we tried on a different approach.Yesterday, we challenged each other by betting. Here’s the deal: For 21 days (# of days to form a habit) the person who fails to wake up at 5am will pay the “victor” $1. If both failed to wake up at 5am, they will pay a third person (which we haven’t decided yet) $2.5. 

Since my gf and I are constantly fighting who is “awesome-er” , this will be a good challenge. And since neither of us wants to lose a dollar, we were both successful during our 1st Day. It’s really about the bragging rights at the end of this challenge. 

Let’s all try this experiment. Pick a partner now!