21 Days

…is all you need to master a habit, according to some experts.

Some people with “New Years Resolutions” are already rejoicing now for they have developed a new habit.

Some are probably a bit frustrated because they failed to stick with their goals.

Unfortunately, some developed a bad habit.

I am “all of the above.”

I have maintained a day to day project for 21 days (a surprise). I am fast-food free for 21 days. I have been exercising almost everyday for 21 days. I have been a good consumer for 21 days and I finally opened a bank account.

I have tried to wake up at 5am, but the weather is really a bed weather. I have tried not to buy an article of clothing but the Pajamas were really tempting (blame the bed weather  again). I have tried not to drink a cup of coffee in Starbucks but I am dreaming for Chai Latte every night (yes, still about the bed weather).

Either way, I still feel balanced. I am not justifying my failures. It’s just that I want the best of both worlds. Being a failure will always complement success, vice versa.

Screw the 21-day rule. Go for spontaneity. Go for balance.


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