The Tickets

I don’t know if this is a petty thing or what, but I will tell it anyway.

Earlier this day, Jogs invited me to the mall. It’s facial day for her. I am broke so I have to wait for her outside. After finishing a book, I have decided to go to the amusement center and play some games and to kill some time while waiting for her. It’s my first time to play in that place since 2011. I have noticed that the kids and kids-at-heart were “ticket-thirsty”–you know, those tickets you have to collect to get a toy doll. What a rip off! It was fun though. 

After 30 minutes, I went back to the skin clinic to fetch Jogs. We went to Starbucks to meet our friend, Carizza. We spent an hour and a half there and decided to go inside the mall because Jogs needs to buy something. 

While walking, I suddenly saw a dozen of the amusement park ticket on the floor. Then I just realized something:

What the brain thinks…the eyes will see.  Not the other way around. 

If I didn’t go to the amusement park 2 hours ago, I wouldn’t notice the tickets or even give a damn to write a blog post about them. Neither Carizza nor Jogs saw them but we all stepped on the same floor. 

I don’t know why these things happen to us. I’m not a brain doctor so I have no answers. 

Is it safe to say that WE ONLY SEE WHAT WE WANT TO SEE?


Never Look For It

While  drinking my green tea cream frappucino in Starbucks with my friends, I suddenly heard a great music. Probably one of the best sounds I have heard in my life. It’s jazz with a Ravi Shankar-ish twist. It’s very different from the usual Starbucks music.  My friends who were busy doing their doodles and re-writing Mandarin phrases hardly heard it. I’m not even sure if people around me noticed that there’s actually an epic music playing in the background.

I asked my friend to ask the barista the title and the artist of the amazing piece of art. The barista told my friend to wait for the title as they will search for the album cover. After a few minutes of waiting, no one approached us. I realized that I don’t really want to know the artist or the title anyway.  I don’t want to listen to it over and over and over again and outgrow it. I don’t want to spoil its beauty. I am destined to hear that music ONLY for that moment…. The mystery made it more beautiful.

Life is like that. Sometimes, there’s should be a mystery to it. 

Relationships should also be like that. 

We never cling. 

We never get attached. 

We just need to enjoy the moment.

And when it’s gone, never look for it. 

Smile…and never look for it. 

End of Drama?

“There is something else in you that wants the drama, wants the conflict” – Eckhart Tolle, New Earth

I have an issue to resolve. It’s about a colleague whose purpose is to make our lives miserable. Well she’s very sensitive, reactive and just fucking irritating. Its an “all against one” fight in the office. I, the most subtle (and perhaps civil) of them all in terms of “returning the favor”, reached the end of my subtleness making me ignore her, her calls and probably everything about her…even though I really have to talk to her because of work, blah blah blah.

I am asking myself these questions:

Is this drama worth my time? 

Why does this drama feels so great?

Then I realized something. Deep inside us, we want drama, we want conflict. It’s always a guilty pleasure. I am under that trap. Most of us do.  And that’s the issue I need to issue we all need to resolve. How can we exist in this planet without the need to create these dramas?