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Facebook: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I have all the right to write this post because of my roller coaster relationship with Facebook. What I am using now is my 4th FB account. In the span of 4 years, I have activated and reactivated my FB account because of the following reasons: 

1. Breakup with a girlfriend.
2. Too much noise
3. Had a great word war with my frenemies, which I regret now.
4. I have the tendency to become jealous and envious

I know you have felt at least one or more of the aforementioned reasons. 

Anyway, the longest “fasting” I had with FB is 8 months..the night before my birthday til… (you count, I hate math). Those were the best days of my life, to be honest. The reason? Maybe I really need serenity and peace in my life. 

But it would be too immature for me, a full blown adult, to permanently deactivate FB just for the reason of loath against someone who has traveled the world without spending anything or for a C student friend who collects 4×4 jeeps, not the matchbox but the real thing.

I am a matured person. I can take the heat.

But I have to agree with my alter ego that FB has its own good, bad and ugly.

The Good..

1. Family connection. Yes, relatives are a bit cheesy. Sometimes they’re too gossipy.  But most of the time, they love you no matter what. They will stab you behind your back. But family will always be family. 

2. Professional connection. Post something and opportunities will be appearing all over the place. 

3. A creator’s hub. Yes, create something and post responsibly. 

The Bad…

1. It could be a waste of time. It is fucking addictive. 


The Ugly…

When I opened my FB after 8 months, it’s already the planet Jupiter for me. People speak alien. They even look like aliens with all the selfies, duck faces and weird OOTDs. (That monopod is alien, no doubt)

That culture sucks. It is also beautiful. 

At the end of the day, theres no problem with Facebook. The problem is us. 

Nuff said. 

Day 4 of 7



May 8 Rants

I love my new phone. I still can’t stop praising it even though I bought this a month ago. I can write random thoughts and endless rants using it, without opening my laptop.

Well this post is another honesty post about my thoughts especially about my day job.

Ok.  I am now in the planning process of quitting my job. My goal is to leave it before September. A huge work event is coming during that month and it will coincide with my Indonesia Trip. That’s a petty reason to quit a regular job but I just can’t stand the process of filing leaves and the questioning ordeal. On a larger perspective, I cannot see myself here anymore. I once loved this job but the heart is gone. The passion is not just there anymore. Every move is nonesense.

I want to get rich. I have made people rich as a business counselor. Allow me to be selfish. Allow me to dream. I want to put up a business, not just talk the fucking talk. “How dare you to advocate entrepreneurship! You don’t even have a business” I cannot be kind all the time, hearing my clients’ business problems. Fuck! I want to be fucking rich like you!

In a couple of months, I will enter the quarter life. I will be 25 then. By that time, I should be doing the things I love the most. Life is short. I need not waste a single shit of time. My decision should be quick.