If you are a Christian, be Christlike enough…

My former “life group leader” saw me earlier. 

Instead of asking me if how’s life going, she asked me, “Is it true that you are getting weirder nowadays?”  I’m not really sure how some distorted news reached her–not unless some of my close friends think I am practicing witchcraft (which I have nothing against) and is very worried that I have entered the “evil realm” they fondly talk about. 

What a great way to greet a friend you haven’t seen for a long time!

Intentional or not, I was shocked. It’s a good thing I haven’t flipped the bird. But it became an option though…

Even though my friends kept on telling me to let go of what I have heard, I still felt terrible after hearing a statement from a “respectable” leader. 

Yes, I have some shifts with my spirituality… 

Yes, I have some changes with my beliefs… 

But there’s no need to label them with words… 

Friends, we have our own beliefs. We have our own sets of principles. All we need is to respect each other. 

Let us just share the love. If you are a Christian, be Christlike enough. If you are a leader, be a leader enough. If you are a human, be HUMAN enough.



For the first time, my friends and I drafted a plan just for the fun of it. No thinking of the future. No definite ways on how to achieve them. No plans to take them seriously and to actually do them. The planning itself is already IT. 

For the benefit of all, I will post the plan here. Please see below:


  1. No fancy cafes
  2. Be more assertive
  3. No to #selfies
  4. Talk less, listen more.
  5. Yes to blogging
  6. Yes to #selfThree
  7. Spend time in monastic communities instead of going to expensive places.
  8. No to malls
  9. Go for creativity
  10. Do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world
  11. Yes to PICNIC GROUNDS (now this is specific…)
  12. Go to places where nobody goes (take time to appreciate)
  13. Stop thinking too much, let things be.
  14. Live in the NOW
  15. Free your mind. Express yourself through different media
  16. Be non-attached and non-judgmental
  17. Take heart in everything you do
  18. Interdependence
  19. Back to basics
  20. Childike Faith
  21. Always know the reason for doing things…
  22. to make sure you are going on towards your goals

bottomline is…. BE HAPPY. 

A glimpse of the early church

This group deconstructed its faith. We have left everything we believed even the good ones. And now, like a puzzle, we are putting the pieces (theologies, philosophies, traditions, stories) back in their right places. We are all growing, not just in spirit but also in truth. Simple yet complex. A peaceful chaos. Confused but learning. This is my ideal church. No prejudices. No need to wear masks. Finally, for the first time in my life, I appreciated Christianity as it revealed its real essence.



Typhoons, Monsoon Rains and FOOD!

It was during the onslaught of typhoon Maring when our team, the Region 3 team, dared to  pass the almost Zero visibility expressway just to open the much awaited National Food Fair. For Pampanga alone, I have 17 exhibitors. 2 of which failed to join the fair because of the flood.

Amid the terrible weather, the fair was able to push through with flying colors. Filipinos are undoubtedly persistent. Bad weather? Filipinos are waterproof!

Hoping that the next fair will be more successful though! We will be featuring the best of the handicrafts all throughout the country…and that’s on September 18-21!

Anyway, below are the pictures during the fair:



Reflections from the Graveyard (Part 2)


As I walk around the graveyard, I saw a row of tombstones with an “UNKNOWN” label. 

When we die, are we still labeled based on our names? Do we still have an identity? Or in the end, its just it. Its the end. Isn’t this beautiful?  We need not have an attachment to an identity that our ego fed us,

These “unknowns” are heroes. They fought in the war. But in the end, they are just “UNKNOWN” in the tranquil garden of this graveyard.