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My Lomo Journal (11.26-11.27)

November 26, 2013, Wednesday, I continued my search. This time, I went to the 2 Big Malls in the City of San Fernando. Unfortunately, they’re all developing digitally. Most of them are proud to say “Sorry sir, we are now Digital” with a bit of sarcasm.

November 27, Thursday, the search goes on. Every time I go to the gym, I usually pass this small vintage camera shop near the City Library. 2 weeks ago, I saw these pretty old cameras. The owner/photographer is actually an old family friend. He covered my 1st birthday.. Much to my surprise, my last resort, the only vintage cam shop in the city is now closed.Happy Thanksgiving Day (no sarcasm intended)..



My Lomo Journal (11.18 to 11.27)

(all the pictures on this post are not lomo, fyi)

November 18, 2013, Monday, I placed my first order at the official Lomography site. I received 10 free piggies which is equivalent to a $10 discount. I ordered a True Blue Diana Cam and 3 rolls of 120 redscale film.  My excitement amounted to a sleepless night. I can’t wait.


November 22, 2013, Friday, The package arrived. According to DHL, I have to pay the fees charged by the Bureau of Customs. What a rip off! I was not around that time so my grandmother was informed that I should pick the package up in their office. That bloody extra fee sucks!

November 23, 2013, Saturday, I went to the DHL office hoping that its open on weekends. Guess what, they’re not. Instead, I went to Team Manila (official distributor of Lomography cams) to ask for the developing fees.


November 25, 2013, Monday, I have written an authorization letter allowing my dad to pick the package since I’m in the office during their operating hours. And at last, the True Blue Diana F+ cam is now officially mine!


November 26, 2013, Tuesday, I finally learned how to load the 120 film. For a klutz like me, I need to be more careful. I also took my first 6 exposures. I tried on searching  for a photo developer in the Angeles Marketplace Area. Unfortunately, they only develop 35mm cam. The search is not over yet. And by the way, I took Diana F+ cam to Starbucks today.


November 27, 2013, Wednesday, I am thinking of an awesome name for my Diana F+. Any suggestions?