May 8 Rants

I love my new phone. I still can’t stop praising it even though I bought this a month ago. I can write random thoughts and endless rants using it, without opening my laptop.

Well this post is another honesty post about my thoughts especially about my day job.

Ok.  I am now in the planning process of quitting my job. My goal is to leave it before September. A huge work event is coming during that month and it will coincide with my Indonesia Trip. That’s a petty reason to quit a regular job but I just can’t stand the process of filing leaves and the questioning ordeal. On a larger perspective, I cannot see myself here anymore. I once loved this job but the heart is gone. The passion is not just there anymore. Every move is nonesense.

I want to get rich. I have made people rich as a business counselor. Allow me to be selfish. Allow me to dream. I want to put up a business, not just talk the fucking talk. “How dare you to advocate entrepreneurship! You don’t even have a business” I cannot be kind all the time, hearing my clients’ business problems. Fuck! I want to be fucking rich like you!

In a couple of months, I will enter the quarter life. I will be 25 then. By that time, I should be doing the things I love the most. Life is short. I need not waste a single shit of time. My decision should be quick.


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