Black Friday

Like what I’ve said on my previous post, Thanksgiving Day is not a legal holiday in the Philippines, nor is the Black Friday. We only know of the Holy Week’s Black Friday and not the Autumn’s (of course we don’t have autumn). But life is full of surprises. Like yesterday’s Thanksgiving Day, I experienced Black Friday shopping madness except for the stampedes.

The whole family traveled all the way to Manila to go to the annually held Noel Bazaar. It’s a Friday so I have to file an emergency leave in advance for this day. The bazaar is full of ready to wear garments, toys, Christmas items and of course, food. This is not new to me since 50% of my job includes organizing trade fair. On the other hand, I enjoyed the experience of being the spectator and not the secretariat…plus, I have my family with me.



Since Black Friday is officially the start of Christmas Shopping, I have officially started mine..

Bought some underwater cameras to add to my collection of analogue cams.
1 dollar for past Men’s Health and Runner’s World issues and 50% off for the Run Less, Run Faster book. Cheap right?
Haven’t bought anything related to this. I just took a picture of it because it’s awesome

After Noel Bazaar in Pasay, we went to Greenhills Shopping Center for more bargains and cheap stuff. Unfortunately, we have spent almost 2 hours traffic before getting there.




Well that’s it. Who says you can only celebrate the Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday in America?


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