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Art, Right Brains and Whatever

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Disclaimer: This is a narcissistic post.

The mind of a right brained person is like a climate shift of cosmic proportions. What a metaphor! Sometimes I do write none-sense just for the sake of it. The right brain. The beautiful right brain. That part of the brain where visions, dreams and colors come to life. Art is formed. Reality is becoming relative. And that is absolute.


What did I just say?


I don’t know but I am in love with my right brain because my left brain betrayed me years ago (and to talk about that requires major analysis, another weakness of my left brain). And maybe the desire to actually make a blog or a site came from the supernova that popped inside my brain. And recently, this burst of creativity left me sleepless for days. Art was suddenly infused in my bloodstreams,  just like the abundance of acid which is slowly destroying my innermost organs. Am i going to make Youtube videos? Am I going to write poetry? Am I going to take professionally-looking pictures and flaunt them everywhere? I don’t really know what to do, but I want to do them all with equal amounts of focus without losing my minimalist principles (how ambitious)! I don’t want to be a ‘jack of all trades,master of none.” I want to be a Renaissance man, if that is even possible. This is my short term vision.

It’s already 10:30pm–my planned sleeping time for tonight and probably my earliest for this month. Then wake me up if I can’t wake on my own. Art is suffocating. Art is a ‘beautiful nightmare.’


Why is it hard to be a Youtuber in the Philippines?

Ok. 2 weeks ago, I have decided to become a Youtuber. It’s not an easy decision because my life is partly a close book.  I am the reserved one in the group. I will never be that crazy guy. I don’t even have a Facebook account. But passion has its own breath…its own life. You can never deprive yourself on the life that you must take.

But putting that passion on Youtube is hard work. It really is especially if you are from the Philippines. As far as I’m concerned, we only have few popular Youtubers like JamichTV (500K Subscribers), Mikey Bustos (130K Subscribers), Petra Mahalimuyak (108K Subscribers, who is inactive for 6 months now and decided to become a mainstream star) and LloydCafeCadena (180k Subscribers). Let us take Jamich for example. They are very popular in the country but they only have 500K subscribers, which is only a drop of PewdiePie’s number of Subscribers (27 Million). Ironically, Pewdiepie is not well known in the country. Some of the Filipino Youtubers gained subscribers only after they were featured on mainstream media.

Why is it hard to be a youtuber in the Philippines?

1. Philippines will always be a Twitter and a Facebook nation. Play a Big Brother episode and it will trend worldwide. How is that even possible for that certain hashtag to reach worldwide trend? Not all Filipinos watch Big Brother. Unbelievable.

2. Internet connection is not that good in the Philippines. A typical Filipino would rather look at pictures than play a youtube clip. If it buffers, he will just get pissed and throw his phone somewhere.

3. If you are doing some monologues and improvs, a typical Filipino will appreciate if you look really really funny. The Filipino humor will never be that smart and deep. They will take sarcasms as they are. They may laugh only if provoked by the laugh of another person. Most will not appreciate the humor of O2L guys, iisuperwomanii, and even PewdiePie. They will just raise their eyebrow.

So, making a name on youtube is nearly impossible. But I don’t give a fucking damn. I will not stop making videos. Boo ya!

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Hello dear readers, 

I hope you are all doing great this summer (in the Philippines). Hope your water count is consistent because the heat outside is just hell. This week I have decided to go back to the social networking world after 8 months of rest from it (except for WordPress, I still consider this as the best!). I also decided to create a youtube channel. This is my first so please, I need your honest opinion about the clips. Click on the image below to subscribe.