Is this generation a stupid generation?

January 16, 2014

The chapel. The huge chapel is standing majestically in the middle of the tall buildings of the university. The sanctuary is still wrapped with Christmas Lanterns– a reminder that Christmas is not yet over even after the Epiphany. I entered the church and I was amazed that the facade is just a glimpse of what is inside. Eight chandeliers are hanging, all lit up. Eight, the number that represents infinity. The pews, two columns of it are aligned perfectly. The side lights are constantly changing. Blue..Green…Red.. Changing the mood of the seeker. But I like blue. The ceiling is also painted with blue and little asterisk stars were added to represent the sky. In the middle was the usual cross, some angels and some saints. I can say that this church is still unique, peaceful…and an intersection of the old and the new. I am asking myself  why aren’t there any students inside. The school was known as one of the biggest schools in the region. Religion aside, can’t the young people nowadays appreciate such beauty? Sitting still and appreciating things money can’t buy? Aren’t they fed up with noise? Can’t they just stop and stare at beauty. Or is this generation a stupid generation — all victims of modernization? I hope not.


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