Starting a New Habit with a bit of a Gamble

My gf and I has always been planning to wake up everyday at 5 a.m.. It doesn’t seem to work at all! One time, we’ve tried to write the word “5am” as many as possible on a piece of paper. The next day after the doodle night, we woke up really late. Writing the word is another failed attempt to wake up at 5am. Of course, setting up the alarm at 5am will always be a myth for me. It never works (as far as I’m concerned). 

So this time, we tried on a different approach.Yesterday, we challenged each other by betting. Here’s the deal: For 21 days (# of days to form a habit) the person who fails to wake up at 5am will pay the “victor” $1. If both failed to wake up at 5am, they will pay a third person (which we haven’t decided yet) $2.5. 

Since my gf and I are constantly fighting who is “awesome-er” , this will be a good challenge. And since neither of us wants to lose a dollar, we were both successful during our 1st Day. It’s really about the bragging rights at the end of this challenge. 

Let’s all try this experiment. Pick a partner now! 


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