The Black Nazarene Parade

Today, the country is celebrating the feast of the Black Nazarene. People all over the country will line up, join the crazy crowd, and try to touch, if possible, the statue. People die because of this. Stampedes. Dehydration. But people, majority of them, have good experiences. They believe that healing is on its way.


19 year old Darby’s reaction: That’s Idolatry!

24 year old Darby’s reaction: I admire their faith. As long as they put their faith in something and it gives them hope, I don’t mind. (Oh I just love the 24 year old Darby)

Last year, I have attended the “hindu” version of this in honor of Jagannath. Read about it here. It’s an enlightening experience for me and I am not a Hindu.

Respect and understanding is the key.


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