Never Look For It

While  drinking my green tea cream frappucino in Starbucks with my friends, I suddenly heard a great music. Probably one of the best sounds I have heard in my life. It’s jazz with a Ravi Shankar-ish twist. It’s very different from the usual Starbucks music.  My friends who were busy doing their doodles and re-writing Mandarin phrases hardly heard it. I’m not even sure if people around me noticed that there’s actually an epic music playing in the background.

I asked my friend to ask the barista the title and the artist of the amazing piece of art. The barista told my friend to wait for the title as they will search for the album cover. After a few minutes of waiting, no one approached us. I realized that I don’t really want to know the artist or the title anyway.  I don’t want to listen to it over and over and over again and outgrow it. I don’t want to spoil its beauty. I am destined to hear that music ONLY for that moment…. The mystery made it more beautiful.

Life is like that. Sometimes, there’s should be a mystery to it. 

Relationships should also be like that. 

We never cling. 

We never get attached. 

We just need to enjoy the moment.

And when it’s gone, never look for it. 

Smile…and never look for it. 


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