Talking is going to change my attitude?

Let me try to document my work in order for me to get the right perspective. I used to write about the exciting things I do at work but I stopped it because it seems that writing about what I do is actually work, or a redundancy thereof.

The Christmas Day in October

Yesterday, I went to do a factory assessment at a Christmas Decor manufacturer. I have been working for 4 years in the department but I just found out about this company recently. They make suncatchers, christmas ornaments and picture frames out of capiz shells. The  products will make you feel proud and say “Yeah, we really are the Christmas capital of the country”


New Driver, Old Car

Last Monday, we welcomed our new company driver who will be driving our very antique company car stuck in the garage since God knows when. The car is way older than I am. So the odds of the car breaking down is high! And guess who’s the lucky guy who will be riding it. Yes you got that right. It was I. Not to mention, the car broke down…twice.

It wasn’t that bad at all. In fact 5 hours of waiting for it to be fixed gave me some time to think about life in general. Cheesy huh? But it was good. It felt like I just traveled. Strangers helping us. People handing us some tools. Eating at cheap cafeterias. Looking for ATM machines. It’s the same.


Ferrero Rocher and a bunch of appreciation

The moment I asked myself if whether I am appreciated or not, this suddenly popped in. This was given by the company where I conducted a productivity improvement seminar 2 weeks ago.


How Entrepreneurs take our services seriously

2 weeks ago we visited a backyard business who manufactures flowers made from corn husks. It’s a very small business but with a huge heart. When we arrived, they served us fresh organic lemonade juice and some crackers. What hit me is the innocently made poster I saw with their target number of flowers before our fair. The same fair which I am stressing out for weeks. My work is never put in vain after all seeing these people so passionate about it.  



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