If you are a Christian, be Christlike enough…

My former “life group leader” saw me earlier. 

Instead of asking me if how’s life going, she asked me, “Is it true that you are getting weirder nowadays?”  I’m not really sure how some distorted news reached her–not unless some of my close friends think I am practicing witchcraft (which I have nothing against) and is very worried that I have entered the “evil realm” they fondly talk about. 

What a great way to greet a friend you haven’t seen for a long time!

Intentional or not, I was shocked. It’s a good thing I haven’t flipped the bird. But it became an option though…

Even though my friends kept on telling me to let go of what I have heard, I still felt terrible after hearing a statement from a “respectable” leader. 

Yes, I have some shifts with my spirituality… 

Yes, I have some changes with my beliefs… 

But there’s no need to label them with words… 

Friends, we have our own beliefs. We have our own sets of principles. All we need is to respect each other. 

Let us just share the love. If you are a Christian, be Christlike enough. If you are a leader, be a leader enough. If you are a human, be HUMAN enough.


3 thoughts on “If you are a Christian, be Christlike enough…”

  1. Good advice and reminders at the end there, and as for people in positions of authority: They are human too, of course; it is only their station that is “higher” than non-leaders. I find that many people in positions of authority fall into the trap of trying to win popularity contests. They can sometimes curry favor with the lowest common denominator in a vain attempt to hold on to their position of authority. This leads to a breakdown of the principles we admire in a supposed leader: strength, steadiness, sound judgment. As for the terms “person in a position of authority” vs. “leader”, I think the former is a mere cloak, while the latter is who a person is and how a person behaves. Leaders can exist at any level of humanity, right down to the level of the blogger. 🙂 Thanks for your example of leadership by posting this.

    1. Will, thanks for the comment. You are right, they are humans too. Too bad its not the right time to pull out a joke. I am in the stage where i deconstruct and reconstruct my faith…coz lately, Christianity doesnt work for me anymore.. And yes, its because of the people, not because of Jesus.

      BTW, i followed your blog. I like it. I just finished reading “Whatever brings you peace, that’s the right way.” I like your courage!

      1. Ah, people. Always standing between us and the Christ — or between us and whatever brings us peace. Silly humans, Trix are for kids!

        Thanks for the props and for your good words, my friend. We’re all in the Big Family, no matter what form our faith takes.

        “To thine own self be true.” – Shakespeare

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