Another Wisdom from Tea (My 100th Post)

Live in the NOW has been my mantra for weeks. It is contagious that even my friends took it seriously. It is a mystical experience. Simple, but mystical. 

My realization that the human mind is slaved by psychological time started while I was having my solo tea tasting session.


Two weeks ago, I was able to acquire 2 kinds of tea, a PuEr Black Tea (courtesy of my friend Micol) and an Oolong Tea from a Chinese Medicine Shop.

I prepared for my room, opened the aircon and the air revitalizer, and played some soothing ancient Chinese music. After preparing the magical ambiance of my room, I started the Gong fu ritual (I am not sure if Gong fu is good for a solo tea session, but I don’t care…it feels ok anyway). First I tried the Oolong tea. 

While sipping the Oolong my mind is telling me to rush the experience, to finish the small teapot and proceed to the PuEr. I realized that I am not present. Instead of enjoying the Oolong (NOW), I was thinking of the PuEr (FUTURE). The next thing I know is that the Oolong pot is empty. I wasn’t able to enjoy it. I hardly know its taste.

When I started the PuEr, I’m already full. I was only able to drink a small cup of it. 


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