My Lomo Journal (11.18 to 11.27)

(all the pictures on this post are not lomo, fyi)

November 18, 2013, Monday, I placed my first order at the official Lomography site. I received 10 free piggies which is equivalent to a $10 discount. I ordered a True Blue Diana Cam and 3 rolls of 120 redscale film.  My excitement amounted to a sleepless night. I can’t wait.


November 22, 2013, Friday, The package arrived. According to DHL, I have to pay the fees charged by the Bureau of Customs. What a rip off! I was not around that time so my grandmother was informed that I should pick the package up in their office. That bloody extra fee sucks!

November 23, 2013, Saturday, I went to the DHL office hoping that its open on weekends. Guess what, they’re not. Instead, I went to Team Manila (official distributor of Lomography cams) to ask for the developing fees.


November 25, 2013, Monday, I have written an authorization letter allowing my dad to pick the package since I’m in the office during their operating hours. And at last, the True Blue Diana F+ cam is now officially mine!


November 26, 2013, Tuesday, I finally learned how to load the 120 film. For a klutz like me, I need to be more careful. I also took my first 6 exposures. I tried on searching  for a photo developer in the Angeles Marketplace Area. Unfortunately, they only develop 35mm cam. The search is not over yet. And by the way, I took Diana F+ cam to Starbucks today.


November 27, 2013, Wednesday, I am thinking of an awesome name for my Diana F+. Any suggestions?


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