Random Thoughts about Church this Sunday

I am writing this via the WordPress App on a Sunny Sunday of May 4. 2014.

Here are my very honest thoughts while waiting for the start of the service:

1. Church makes us do things that we hate. It also makes us do things that we like. That’s why I love church. It is neither heaven nor hell.

2. Our church doesnt have a place for a twentysomething like myself except for a free wifi which I can use to write this post. The adults are like zombies attempting to swarm on me. I need to be on stealth. On the other hand, I need not to be on stealth with the young people (teens) because for them, any elder is non-existent. What’s left of me are my fellow twentysomethings enjoying their lives in a different City or in a different country.

3. Church should be done during the night in the Philippines because of the terrible weather.

4. Yes, it is full of phony people but it is also full of amazing people who are willing to change the world using their skills and talents.

5. Above all, I still love church..it is still the best thing ever invented.

Deal with my honesty.


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