At dinner, Adam and I fetched Andris, the Indonesian Couchsurfer.

Andris is another interesting character in the story. He is an employee of UNESCO . Adam and I were like “How can one enter that company? Hire us please” Andris’ job is mainly travel making him really outgoing and knowledgeable about Asia. At a very young age, he was able to visit Europe and USA. His English skills is terribly great!

Adam decided that we eat at the Filipino Market. Yes, you heard that right, FILIPINO MARKET! There is nothing Filipino in that place, don’t even bother asking me why it’s called Filipino Market. Bitch please!

Again, the conversations we had were really interesting. Adam and Andris were really updated on what is happening around Asia–the good, the bad and the ugly. Adam talked about the issues among the federations in Malaysia. I can hardly cope up. I was really tired that moment that I cannot even swallow my Nasi Goreng. You know those moments when you are really tired and forget about eating–that sleeping is the top priority? But looking back, I still find that moment really unique and I still dream about it. Why? I am conversing with a Malaysian Local and an Indonesian who works in Unesco, while eating Malay foods with all sorts of good smell in the area. Again, this is travel. This is how one should travel. It should be vivid. It should be tasty. It should be sensible. You should use your 5 senses.

After eating, Adam toured us around Kota Kinabalu…


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