Evening of the 21st February, My 2nd and last night in Brunei.

6pm-10pm: It was a dinner party in Kampung Ayer. The weather is good. The water is calm. The village people are friendly. It was a night to remember but not the last for this trip. Angel, my lovely host is the life of the party. She’s funny as ever. Amir was there with all his wit and intelligence. Chris, my German host was also there together with Georgie and Vicky. The conversation we had was amazing and the food…heavenly.

10pm: The gang visited Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque.

11pm: We arrived at the flat and there I saw Angel’s Film Making team again. Too bad I am really tired that night. Since the team will be working til 3am in the couch, Amir opened his room for me. He even played some How I Met Your Mother episodes to keep me company.

Morning of the 22nd, Saturday.

5am: I woke up. I went out of Amir’s room and I saw Angel sleeping on the couch. I woke her up because she told me that she’ll be driving me to the ferry terminal. I am a bit shy to wake her up but I have no choice since Public Transportation is never easy in Brunei. But Angel woke up with a smile and greeted me Good Morning. That’s unconditional kindness.

6am: It’s about time to leave the flat. Unfortunately Chris and Amir were asleep. I folded Chris’ pants and placed a thank you note.  I felt really sad that morning because I have to leave the guys without saying goodbye.

7am: Hugged Angel really tight and bid my goodbyes.

That’s the end of my trip in Brunei and the start of another adventure in Malaysia. I will never forget the people I met throughout the journey. I promised myself to write in details because I don’t want to forget their goodness and the lessons I have learned from them.


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