Earlier this day, Chris asked Amir to help him pick his 2 friends in the airport. After exploring the university, we went back to the flat and fetched Chris, who is having his afternoon coffee.

“So where did you meet the girls, Chris?”, I asked.

“Oh, I was with Vicky when I volunteered in the Philippines. Georgie is Vicky’s friend”, Chris answered.

“Are they also going to stay in the flat with us?”

“No. They are not couchsurfers. They already booked a hotel in the town proper.”

“I see”

It was 5pm when we arrived at the Brunei International Airport. Amir went to the nearby ATM while Chris and I bonded for a while over Tagalog songs. Chris is a great linguist. He speaks really good Tagalog without the accent. He can sing a couple of Tagalog songs perfectly. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a video of it when I was there.

At around 5:30pm, the 2 girls arrived. Vicky and Georgie are a couple of tall girls. They were both carrying two giant bags probably twice my bag’s size. Vicky is boyish and looks like she have traveled a lot. Georgie is a bit reserved. She told me that she’s new to traveling.

Chris hugged the girls and welcomed them to Brunei. Amir and I did the same thing to them. It feels like I am already a local because I myself welcomed them to a country I just met a night a ago (now that’s poetic). So after some short chats and after having their currencies exchanged, we went back to Amir’s car and dropped the girls in their hotel. Chris told them that we will pick them up again in a while for our dinner in Kampung Ayer–the Venice of the East.


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