Freakier than the Zip Line Ride

“Call the Magnum Shuttle operator” said Mikoy as he handed me his iPhone 5 to show the phone number.

It was 1:30pm and we have to catch the 2pm shuttle in Cagayan de Oro. We are still in Bukidnon. If we miss the 2pm shuttle, we will be forced to hire a taxi for an expensive deal..or worse, we will miss our 4pm flight.

Everybody was tensed. Mikoy drives swiftly for us to beat the time. The girls at the back are a bit dizzy. I’m worried about missing the flight because I have experienced it before. Too much hassle.

I dialed the phone and gave it to Ate Penny.

“Maam, can we ask for a 5 minute extension before you leave at 2pm? We still have 2 passengers with us. We were caught in the traffic”, said ate Penny in Bisaya.

“What did she say?” I asked.

“Negative. They can’t wait for us.”, she answered.

“They can’t wait for just 5 minutes?”, Mikoy asked.

“They can’t. I tried my best.”

It’s 2’oclock when we arrived at the city proper.

“I’ll try to call..”, said Mikoy. They talked. He negotiated. But still negative. But we all decided to take the risk and still go to the shuttle operator.

When we arrived, we realized that the shuttles are on the other side of the road and if we will take a u-turn, we will be trapped with the Cagayan de Oro’s heavy Christmas season traffic. Mikoy parked his car in front of the shuttle hub and we crossed the street as we climbed the elevated thoroughfare.

Then we finally arrived. That was 2:10pm,

I don’t know but a miracle just happened. Because of the traffic, the 2pm shuttle failed to go out on the highway giving us the opportunity to ride it. There were no formal goodbyes and hugs with the awesome Cagayan de Oro’s Couchsurfers because we were rushing to ride the almost ready to go shuttle bus. Just like in the movies, we just waved our goodbyes at the semi tinted backseat mirror as the shuttle bus was able to enter the traffic jam. That was close. But the tension doesn’t end there. It’s already 2:15 and we still have to travel an hour away from Cagayan de Oro to Laginduingan Airport. We need to be there at exactly 3:15 for our 4pm flight.

The shuttle is running slow.

“This is way freakier than my zip line ride in Bukidon”, said Jogs.

“I know right. I’ve been in this situation before and I can’t afford to miss the flight again”, I answered.

I opened my GPS and realized that it is impossible for us to reach the airport on time.

“This is bad.. We will book the 5pm Cebu Pacific flight if we miss ours” I said. “It’s a chance flight”.

“Worst case scenario!” said Jogs.

But another miracle happened. The shuttle suddenly became swifter as ever. We arrived at the airport 6 minutes before the check in counter closes.

Safe and sound. But yes, it was freakier than the zip line ride.


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