Fight or Flee

“This is to inform you that the Cebu Pacific Flight bound to Legazpi City is cancelled due to the bad weather condition in the area”

Bummer! That’s probably one of the worst travel situations a traveler might face. Shit happens. I have 2 options: Take a 10-hour bus ride (fight) or flee. I met a girl who was really devastated because her company sent her to Legazpi City to close a million peso deal. I also met Ate Judith who desperately needs to go to Legazpi City because her nephew died. In my case, I have nothing to lose. It’s just a pleasure trip.

But I have decided to fight! I took a taxi to the bus terminal. Unfortunately, the next bus will be a 5pm bus meaning I will be in Naga (Camarines Sur) at 3am. Then something awesome happened. At the front of the queue, I saw Ate Judith again. She waved at me and told me to ride the bus with her to Legazpi City via the Maasin Leyte bus. The bus will leave at exactly 12 noon.

Ate Karol, my host in Naga told me that she was really worried that time. But I told her that it wasn’t that bad as it sounds. I asked for an adventure. I got one. And one thing I love about the experience is that I conquered it…just like all the travel hassles I had before.  Again, this story is one of those stories that my friends will listen to and probably will encourage them to get out of their comfort zones and just travel.


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