My Thanksgiving Day Story (150th Post)

I am a fan of New York themed TV Shows. Every season, they always have a Thanksgiving Special. I love How I Met Your Mother’s Thanksgiving Special. They really prepare for the turkey, the thanksgiving messages, the cornucopia and probably the slaps (if you know what I mean).

In the Philippines, we hardly celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s just an ordinary day. Nothing special. Malls usually offer Thanksgiving sales, but we Filipinos just see the word SALE. Our church was founded during the Thanksgiving Week 110 years ago, but we never connected it to the American Thanksgiving Day. We call it THE THANKSGIVING SERVICE though.

A couple of years ago, I have attended a Thanksgiving Party hosted by an old Filipino couple who went back to the Philippines from the States to spend their retirement years. They prepared the turkey, the meatloaf and the old scrabble set.

Up to this point, I still don’t know how Americans really treat the Thanksgiving Day. Some say you have to spend it with your family and friends. If that’s the case, I can probably say that this day can pass the “perfect thanksgiving day” test and a check to my bucket list item: Celebrate your 2nd Thanksgiving Day. The question now is, is this going to be a tradition for the years to come?


My day started at work. My task today is to visit some factories and shops for a big exhibit next year. I saw this replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s (my favorite artist) Tournesols. I love this painting so even though it has no relation to the Thanksgiving story whatsoever, I still have a need to write this as if you are watching an American TV show with the nitty gritty details.


Anyway, after work, I went to visit Little Han and his mother Rachel for some quality thanksgiving time. We sang songs, mostly broadway, and did some catching up.


After my visit with the mother-son tandem, my college friends called me and invited me for a meetup to celebrate the birthday of our friend. Its been a while since I went out with them.






We ended the night with a cool “Coffee Toast” as we gave our birthday wishes to our dear friend.


My Thanksgiving Message: I thank God for all the gifts for the year, be it good or bad. I thank you for my loved ones, whether they are here with me physically or not.  Thank you for my realizations lately, it made me enjoy you and your blessings more. This thanksgiving day, I pray for stronger relationships with my loved ones and with the divine.  Amen.


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