Death Becomes Her

If you are a 90s kid, you’ll find this movie awesome! I re-watched this during my nostalgic mood last week and my 90s soul was reincarnated. Starring Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep and Bruce Willis, Death Becomes Her is about two women’s obsession over their lover (Bruce Willis) and over the “fountain of youth” which will give them “A younger and eternal physique”.

This is a must watch for all ages! Spare an hour or two for this movie and you will never regret it!  In fact, I’m gonna watch it again!

Since we are talking of the fountain of youth, I wonder if the actors of the movie got what they want.. What do you think? For our entertainment, I searched some of the aforementioned stars’ pictures during Death Becomes Her and their recent photos. Lets have a look.

Bruce Willis (1992)


Bruce Willis (2013 or recent) – Badass Bruce Willis still looks awesomeImage

THE Meryl Streep (1992) – By the way, I have a huge crush on Meryl Streep!


The Meryl Streep after 21 years..


Goldie Hawn (1992)


Goldie Hawn (2013)


You be the judge!


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