Is this the END


…or just the beginning of the New Heaven and the New Earth we are all excited about?

I am not sure on how the world looks at the Philippines now. Is it just another South-eastern country striving for development or it is now the center of it all– the birth of an awakening.

An earthquake in Bohol…

A super typhoon in Leyte… all happening in the span of 1 month (or even less).

I guess these things should happen in order for us to realize that we are stepping on sinking sand, literally and figuratively.

“Fight Against Global Warming” and “War against Climate Change” are common mantras nowadays. Why is it that every time we fight against something or declaring war with another thing only make them worse. War against Aids? Fight Against Cancer? War against war? I guess what we need now is a conscious shift in all the decisions we are making not another fight..not another war. A conscious world will lead to that world we are dreaming about.

It only intensified my belief that we are now living in a new age, and what we need to do is to make adjustments. Permanency is not applicable anymore. Success is already a thing of the past. The word FUTURE is irrelevant. Material things, gadgets, pictures, memories, and even people can sink in uncertainty. Is it safe to say that this is really the time to live in the NOW and let go of any attachments and just love the people we both hate and love?

What happened in Leyte is unexpected. 3,000 died. Millions were affected. Families were separated. Traumatic stories are everywhere. What if it happened to us?

Are we ready to sink?

Are we ready to drown?

There is hope after this tragedy and I believe that the RADICAL change has already begun…



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