Faith in Humanity restored after Typhoon Haiyan

50 Countries already helped the country–in kind, in cash, and in volunteerism. The concern throughout the world is overwhelming. I also received emails from my friend abroad asking if I am ok. Love is everywhere! This is definitely the New Earth. 

Here’s an email from Chien, the owner of the hotel where I stayed in Hanoi, Vietnam: 

Dear my friend ,
How are you?
where are you now? I know the Haiyan have wept your country, it also went through Viet Nam, you and your family are alright are nt you? please, let me write me,
Best wish to you!
Best regards
Chien Roan,

Here’s an email from Jubilee Project from USA:

Hey Darby,
Hope this past year has been an amazing one for you. We wanted to reach out to make sure that you and your family are safe, since the storm happened. Please let us know! Our thoughts are with you – many blessings to you and your family!
All our best,

And an email from Mila, a friend from Belarus:

My name is Mila, i’m from Minsk, Belarus. Once i’ve sent you my funny
photo for mama Cing.

So, how is  her health?
And, how are you? I know, that it’s very difficult situation on
Philippines, therefore i want to know about you and your condition. Do
you need my help? I don’t know how can i help you and your family, but
 may be i can do something.

This is really horrible to see, what happens when you are in other
side of world and couldn’t help physically.

Please, answer me if you have such opportunity.



Awesome right? 


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