The Last Minute Halloween Party (or How I became a Movie Wuss)


That’s how Halloween should be celebrated.

It was a gloomy October 31. I just finished supervising a Halloween costume contest as part of my work. Halloween in the Philippines has never been this commercialized and sensationalized. I like it. I love Halloween the same way I love Christmas eve. Too bad that the day is nearing its end and I am left with nothing while my friends have their own parties to attend. Out of desperation I sent a group SMS for them to pity me that an advocate of Halloween will be celebrating the night alone.

After a minute, Jogs called me and told me that she wont be able to attend the party she’s supposed to attend. We can actually put up a last minute Halloween Party. I was like “NO WAY DUDE! This is going to be a night to remember. Alright! I thought this will be another one of those dull nights”. I almost forgot that I am inside a full jeepney.

We have rented a small entertainment room and invited some people to come over. Glad that Jogs’ siblings and friends are crazy as we are. It was a black shirt party but I have decided to be Peeta Mellark (Hunger Games) for a night. It’s still a black shirt anyway.

A scary movie. Cool People. Coffee (well I am actually imagining that its Mojito, but we have minors with us). A homey room. It’s just perfect.

Oh, yeah, Speaking of a scary movie, we watched a movie called “SINISTER”. It’s a murder and a horror film at the same time making it a 3-sleepless-night movie. OK! I lied! It’s a Week-With-No-Sleep movie. I admit that I am a wuss, but that’s what made the experience all the more memorable. Not looking entirely at the screen. Watching your friends scream. Realizing that you are screaming like a wuss. It’s just funny and scary at the same time. That’s Halloween. It’s both a treat and a trick.

I am not sure if we have started a tradition. But I hope it will be.



A Movie Wuss (A biggest regret story and an embarrassing moment wrapped into one)

This is a story why I became a Scary Movie Wuss.

I will always consider myself a movie wuss. Back in 2001, when I was in 6th grade, our first period teacher didn’t show up due to some reasons I cannot remember (May she rest in peace). With that, some of my daredevil friends have decided to watch the classic Linda Blair film, The Exorcist. I hate classic horror movies a lot! Yes, the filming is bad…and probably that’s the reason why they are scary. I even freaked out while watching an old local superhero film called “Captain Garlic”.

Going back, they popped some popcorns and started to play the VCD. They’re all watching while I am just watching them freak out. Well, I can hear the audio of the film. I have heard some words I haven’t heard before like “Fuck Me” and other very nasty voices. God, that’s scary right?  You know those moments when you just look back and laugh at your childhood mistakes? This is the exemption. I consider it as one of the biggest regrets of my life. No exaggerations!

When I got home and when I am about to sleep, my dad noticed my unusual behavior. I am scared as HELL! I can’t breathe properly. I am sweating like there’s no tomorrow. I am possessed by fear. My Dad went to school and reported it to my teacher (That’s the Filipino version of being grounded—and may she rest in peace). It’s embarrassing. “Remember the time when Darby watched the Exorcist?” will always be part of reunion conversations.

Again, looking back, this is not a good experience. Damn it!



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