Family (and now I am really learning)

Last night, my Dad asked us this question during our Friday night “bible study”:

Is a broken family still considered as a family?

“No. It is not considered as a family. If there’s no more relationship, then it’s not a family anymore”, some answered.

“Yes. It’s still a family. It’s a covenant made under God’s law and Human law. Divorced or not, still a family”

I like the topic. But of course, I have to make an opinion. So I raised my hand and I think that my answer ended the argument. Even though it’s my dad who is asking, I still believe that “we should be asking the right questions”.   

“For me, we should define what Family is before we can answer the question. In my case, the word family is something created by mere humans like us. I believe we should treat ALL as part of our family. We should love everybody. Jesus didn’t say that we should love our parents more than the love we have for others. It would be unfair if I love my parents more than this stranger I met in the jeepney. Jesus’ love is not exclusive. It’s the same for everyone.  Love is unconditional. There’s no such thing as ‘love levels’. So in that case, if we should treat everyone as part of our own ‘family’, then we cannot escape ‘family’.”

To be honest, I am not sure if I made sense or if I have answered my Dad’s question. But I know I made a point. Probably not all can accept what I have just said because they believe that “blood is still thicker than water.” I believe that statement is bullshit. That statement caused generations of genocide (my race is better than your race), wars (my country is better than your country) and even holy wars (my religion is better than your religion). 

If the world can understand that everybody is your family, then our world would really be a better place. 


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