The “Color” Run

What I expected:

I have been excited to join a Holi-ish fun run ever since I fell in love with India. I have been seeing international Fun Runs which adapted the said concept. It reached the Philippines, if I’m not mistaken, a year ago but only in the Metro and other “posh” places in the country. While in the midst of frustration that I wasn’t able to go to India this year to celebrate Holi,  I got excited when my friends sent me an SMS that there will be a similar fun run to be held in our city. Image

What my friends expected:

Like kids, my friends planned for an overnight stay at Jogs’ crib in preparation for the big run. They were excited as well. Image

What actually happened:

Well, it was far from what we expected. It was a face paint run and not the get-bloody colorful-and-dirty run we were all excited about. The organizers handed us some water soluble face paint and face crayons while telling us that the best face paint will win a special award. BOO! As we looked around, people are painting butterflies, stars, flowers and hearts on their shoulders legs and faces. I almost fell asleep while watching these people do their thing. More BOOS!

My friends are even more disappointed as I am. The hostile cold morning air was suddenly felt. I saw them starting to draw hearts, flowers and other plain stuffs on their warm-turned-cold skin.

What we did:

Because of too much frustration, I took a huge amount of green paint and splatted it on my friends and shouted, “Come on guys. Lets have fun!” One thing I love about my friends is that they don’t give a damn on what other people will think or say. They took large amounts of paint and they started to have a “paint fight” right beside the butterfly infested skins of our competitors. Paint is all over us. You can hardly recognize us. Mission accomplished.




Lesson learned: We create our own happiness and it cannot be found elsewhere but in you.

By the way, remember the “best paint award” I was talking about earlier? Guess who nailed it…



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