On Social Media

I have a love-hate relationship with social networking sites like twitter and facebook. I usually get those “I think I saw you on Facebook” and “Hey, you deactivated your account? How come? Are you recovering from a bad breakup?”

Well, thanks a lot to MATURITY that I now know how to handle social media.

Years ago, I had a small fight with my childhood friends. I posted a stupid status against them and BOOM! It’s Civil War! People use to say that don’t use social media when you are sad or angry. Some people even suggested that don’t post status updates if you are happy. Each status updates should be assessed before posting. And I find all those advises really really wise.

I recently had a 3-month fast with all these social networking sites because I felt the need to assess myself if I can still handle these “modern ways” of connecting to people. I have to promise myself that I’m going to be really careful and be really mature if I want a social media homecoming.

In just one month after my comeback, I was able to appreciate what Social Media has to offer although there are still annoying things happening such as the very evident narcissistic tendencies of people which I am tempted to do as well. #Selfie

I fell in love with twitter once again because I followed the right people and organizations that deserve a place on my tweet feed. @rapplerdotcom sends important news making me updated on what is happening in and out of the country.  @IJM sends updates regarding their fight against injustice. Choose who to follow. Last week, @rapplerdotcom had this sort of live feed interview with the Senate President of the Philippines. Rappler asked the netizens to post their questions to be answered by the SP. I was glad that my question got into the list which was practically answered by the Senate President himself.


Prior to our President’s State Of the Nation Address (SONA), Rappler also asked netizens to send pictures of the “real” status of the nation in the eyes of ordinary people. I sent 3 pictures and one of them was included in the very beautiful collage of the Philippine Map.

Courtesy of Rappler.com
I sent this picture because “Interfaith” is close to my heart. I am glad that we live in a country where all Religions can live in haromony. Can you find this picture in the collage?

So my point is, let us use social media wisely in such a way that it can inform us or probably contribute something in the society and in our relationships . If you can’t set aside your superficial life (sorry for being blunt), try a 3-month fast. It really works!


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