Best Productivity Apps Out There

What is time management if you lack the right apps on productivity? Let me share with you some of my favorite tools that will make your day more organized. I am not an agent whatsoever, but I just want you guys to have a glimpse on my organizational system. These are all free and simple online/offline apps perfect for windows and apple gadgets. 

1. Trello is the best to-do-list application so far. You can make a “board” and add “notes” on it. I personally have 3 Boards–one for my work, one for the church and one for my hobbies. My Work Board is divided into 6 columns representing my 6 major tasks namely Trade Fairs, Shared Service Facility project , Trainings, Reports, SME-Counselor and Information technology. I have added another column for the accomplished tasks which I named “DONE”. The notes are drag-able making it easier for the user to move them from one place to another. You can also add some labels on each note to track whether the task is urgent or not. Be creative with it. Here’s my Work Board as of July 25:


Red labels? It means that the task is very urgent. 

2. Have you seen the grey elephant with green background app? That’s Evernote. The application is basically used for note-taking (e.g. typing, drawing and voice recording). This is not your old-school word processor because this little app can sync and save your files online. Personally, Evernote serves as my online/offline journal where I put random stuffs, ideas, copy-paste articles from my favorite sites and…practically everything! You can create new notebooks and name them according to their function. It’s up to you!  

3. Google Calendar comes with your gmail account. Easy right? Again, one thing I love about Google Calendar is that it syncs with your apple/android default calendar. You can also add labels for easier tracking. I have blue for work stuffs and green for personal stuffs. The app also reminds you of your tasks by sending you email notices. It’s like having a personal assistant! 

4. If you like reading online articles but have no time to read as of the moment, you can download the POCKET app. Pocket is a read-later application which downloads the offline version of the article you like to read. If you were able to buy some precious time, you can open the application and read for the queue of articles you have saved. Since it downloads the offline version, you can read with or without a wifi connection.  

As I have mentioned earlier, I have a crappy internet connection and it’s difficult to find a not-so-crappy internet connection in the City. But Pocket was able to answer that problem. Since we have a good internet connection at work (which is outside the city), I just download the offline versions and read them later at home. 

Find time to check these 4 useful apps/sites/programs because I guarantee you that it will save you more time! It’s like finding time to get more time! Buhbye!


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