My Frustrations with Angeles City: WIFI

I just had a frustrating “search” for a good place with WIFI in Angeles City.

Saturday is a special day for me. It is “Me Time”. It is my time to reflect, to write and to plan. Unfortunately, our internet provider called bloody COMCLARK is not your ideal server (and who wants to spend the weekend at home?). Ironically, I am using the said provider to write this post.

So, every Saturday, I am forced to go out of our house and spend it in a cafe for a hassle free net. Unfortunately, my goal for a “hassle free” net is only but a dream.

I was thinking of going to Starbucks earlier but they have a paid wifi on top of the price of a very expensive coffee. It is not accessible as well. Although of course, STARBUCKS will always be the best coffee/tea shop in town.

Generally, Marquee mall is not a wifi-friendly place unlike SM. My favorite cafes/restaurants with good ambiance have no wifi connections like Xtremely Xpresso. Yoh Froz, my favorite yogurt shop has a fast wifi connection but its near the cinema, making it difficult for me to reflect. SM Clark on the other hand has a free wifi connection, but the ambiance sucks. The Starbucks in SM Clark is located at the heart of the mall which is really noisy–and I mean realllllly Noisy!

500 meters from our house is a high end food strip. So I expected that it would be easier for me to find a good place. 2 weeks ago, I spent the whole afternoon at Kcafe which has a good wifi connection but have the lamest tasting coffee and appetizers. So that shop is out of my list.

I have decided to try the fanciest coffee shop in the strip called Gustav. It is a Parisian inspired shop so I was attracted to it. I was full of hope that the place is a future sanctuary. It is near our house and the ambiance is just perfect. They have a couch too. When I was about to ask for the wifi password, the waiter told me that they don’t have a wifi as of the moment. It would be embarrassing to go out of that fancy cafe so I just ordered a choco mint frappe which tasted like a plastic balloon. Wrong choice for me. I spent an hour there making some plans without an internet connection.

As I walked along the food strip, I saw the Korean restaurant called Jumong. I was there a month ago and they have a crappy wifi connection. In fact, it was not working when I was there. I did not bother to ask the waiters because they don’t look friendly at all.

So, I gave up on that food strip and decided to cross the street to try the wifi connection at B.I.H.O.N., a pasta shop. I used to go there for their Carbonara (which is really delicious) and not for the wifi. Fortunately they have a free wifi. The downside is that you have to pay P50/hour if you want to plug in your laptop. How frustrating. It’s one of those “sigh” moments. I just went out of the restaurant with a broken heart. A fifty pesos is still a fifty pesos.

I went to Nepo Mall, clueless where to go next. Coffee Academy (which serves good coffee and wifi) is not accessible for me. They used to have a branch near Nepo Mall but it already closed probably a year ago.

The frustrating search led me back into our house–back with the “no-choice” internet connection, writing about poor internet connection in the city with an after-taste of the choco mint frappe I just had.

If you are from Angeles City, can you suggest a good shop with a free wifi?  I didn’t know that looking for that “ideal place” is harder than looking for an “ideal girl”..


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