What I did this week (lame post title for the 2nd week of July)

Hello there blog readers, blog followers and blog walkers! It’s been a week now since I last updated my blog and I apologize for that! It’s been a busy week and I MEAN BUSY! I have been visiting the gym every MWF after work making me a bit tired during the night. And work? Gone are the days when I spend the whole day at the office. I’m back on track and back on field, of course with the attached pros and cons to it. Here’s what happened last week (and I hope you are interested):



As I have promised last week, I will be adding up work-related stuffs here. So, last Monday, we launched a Peanut Butter Making facility somewhere in Porac, Pampanga for the micro entrepreneurs. Yes! We are giving away free machines for the purpose of developing your products and to streamline your production process. Just make sure that you are a legally organized group. It is our agency’s mandate to assist the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) of our country. Got to love my job!



From Porac last Monday, we traveled to Magalang to grant facilities for the Ginger Brew Makers and for the Pastillas Candy makers. It was indeed tiring because we don’t usually launch two projects in a day.

WEDNESDAY is office day. Piled up paper works always scare the hell out of me.




To Celebrate the SME Week 2013, we have come up with a 3-day Trade Fair for our MSMEs. It was a very fun day because I got the chance to bond with our exhibitors and not to mention the FREE TASTE of most of the booths. As I’ve said, GOT TO LOVE MY JOB.

SATURDAY (earlier)


My friend who is working as a DJ at a local radio station invited me to become a DJ for a day. Since this is part of my “things to do before I die” list and to take a break from SME works, I grabbed her offer. The experience was hell of a roller coaster ride. At first, I was hesitant to talk, but after a while, I have learned to love talking that I almost took the microphone away from my friend. All is well!

There you have it! I probably have all the excuses on why I wasn’t able to blog last week. Ciao!


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