The Lord’s Espresso

Ok. The event sounds like its a Hipster event, whatsoever. It is actually for young professionals, married couples and those who are below 40 years old (but everybody is welcome of course). Since we all love coffee, the theme of the event is a coffee shop. We did our best to make it look like a coffee shop. Thanks to the volunteers who helped us organize the place.

We are happy (Thank God!) that the event was a success given the fact that we only have less than 2 weeks to prepare, not to mention that we have work and businesses to attend to.

This is a worship event but not the usual one. It is not contemporary. We did not make it cool. We just made it relevant. And that’s what I like about it.

ALSO, after how many months, I was able to lead the praise and worship again. No practice. No band. Just me, Hannah, Elijah and some minus one I got from my uncle’s album. It was impromptu to be more specific. Admittedly, worship leading is NOT really for me. I did not mess up but it doesn’t feel right. I just want to sing to glorify the God who hardwired me to sing.

Our guest speaker’s testimony was also inspiring. He left his $7,000 monthly salary as a VP of a Multinational bank to enter the ministry as a preacher . That was a brave move. His faith is remarkable.

If you earn that amount of money, will you leave your company for a full time ministry?  I have a heart for mission works and I know that God already added that in my genome. So probably I’ll be doing the same thing because I love to travel and help people. And I would leave everything behind to pursue the things that I love. I do not call it “calling” though.

Anyway, below are the pictures of our event:





Tear Jerker #1: These guys are workers from a machine shop. They prepared a song for us.
Tear Jerker #2: Prayer for Aunt Genna who was diagnosed with Stage 2 Cancer. Why this made me cry? Because the people who were praying for her in this picture are her friends in the church. Goosebumps.

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