June Meetups

I am an introvert (sort of). Even though I am loud at times, I will always come back to the reality that I prefer to be the quiet guy than being the life of the party. This is a paradox that I face everyday.

Despite this messed up temperament, I realized that meeting people is a productive guilty pleasure. Last month I have met amazing people whose stories of faith and one of a kind adventures made me realize a lot of things. Meeting strangers is a step out of a comfort zone experience; you deviate from your routine, you get a little sleep, you speak straight English (especially if the stranger is from a foreign land).

I want to recall Jerry See Toh from Malaysia who travel to Philippines from time to time for short term mission trips. Conversations with Jerry ignited my passion for mission works.


I also met Xia (or Chris), a shy expat from China. She is more local than I am even though she just moved here a year ago.


There’s something about stories that excites me. Probably it’s because at the end of the day, no matter how diverse we are (and I am speaking in general), we are still connected with each other.

Have you learned something new from a stranger? If yes, please feel free to write it down.


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