Mama Cing’s 80th

Yesterday, my grandma celebrated her 80th birthday.

It was indeed a miracle that she’s celebrating her 80th with a very good health. Earlier this year, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cervical Cancer. We thought we are going to lose our beloved grandma. We were wrong. For a 79 year old woman, we thought that it would be difficult for her to survive the pain of radiation and chemo therapy. Again, we were wrong. She survived it despite of drastic weight loss and painful bowel movements.

She is a strong woman with a positive spirit. She is a fighter who clings on to God when hope is miles away.

She still fights everyday. She is getting stronger. She is gaining weight.

To sum it all up, she defeated cancer at the age of 80.

Who say’s there’s no hope?

Although grandma never experienced the feeling of having a great grand daughter, she was blessed with 7 handsome great grand sons. These boys are really lucky to experience having a great grandmother (and a great grandfather of course)
Grandma’s grandkids. We were not complete when we took this picture.
One of the many reasons why Grandma is fighting everyday



9 thoughts on “Mama Cing’s 80th”

  1. congratulations, that’s a great news! 🙂 happy late birthday and hopefully many more 🙂 best wishes to you all!

    Nina, Poland

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