Canker Sore Treatment


Here’s the ingredients of the very effective canker sore gargle recommended by my doctor during my terrible canker outbreak:

1. 100 grams Doxycycline

2. 16 grams Medrol (Methylpredinsolone) – this is a form of steroid.

3. 50cc Glycerine

4. 250 cc Distilled Water

Put them all in a bottle and gargle it every hour. Don’t swallow.

That’s it! Try this during your next canker outbreak.

P.S. Drink vitamins daily (if you are acidic, take Sodium Ascorbate), avoid spicy and sour foods and do not stress your life to avoid outbreaks.


One thought on “Canker Sore Treatment”

  1. I saw this blog first before the background of how many you get at a time. I was going to say you are working waaaay to hard, my go-to remedy is a little soft balm stick, Canker Sores Begone Stick. The remedy is not for cankers from acidic food. The package says, stress, fatigue illness injury. It doesn’t sting, it soothes almost immediately, it’s all natural, and for me, the sores heal overnight. But I don’t get 10 cankers at a time like you, can’t even imagine it. Much better for you to use something you can swish. Happy for you that you have a smart doctor. If you think thecankers may be due to stress, if you’re not already, please consider taking a high potency B complex vitamin. They’re known as the stress vitamins, very very helpful.

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