A Temporary Escape from my Minimalist Lifestyle

I am a gadget freak, so pleasssssssssssssssssse UNDERSTAND me (haha). I am making this as an exemption to my frugal slash minimalist lifestyle. Meet my toys ladies and gentlemen.


1. Meet ARCHIBALD, my Samsung notebook. I use this as my toy when I am working. This little guy here is a public servant and he is a better business counselor than its owner. Arch is also a traveler. He’s been to a lot of places, and I mean A LOT of places.

2. Meet INDIE. I have bought him yesterday during the country’s Independence Day. I was thinking of naming him THE CHAMELEON CIRCUIT but its too common for a Whovian (A Doctor Who fan) like myself. Chameleon Circuit is a a good alternate name though. What do you think? Indie is relatively new to me but I will consider him as a faithful companion starting now. INDIE’s goal is to create, to inspire and to learn. He’s an ACER touchscreen laptop.

3. This flat guy is Xavier, an Apple tablet. I have been planning on letting him go due to my long list of expenses and I have to pay for Indie for 12 months. But because of the encouragement and financial support from a friend, I have finally decided not to sell him. He is my library, my organizer, my planner and my………..virtual cinema.

4. Solly-Luna or SL is my digital camera pretending to be a DSLR. She has been travelling with me since December 2010. She has been a good outdoor companion as well. Everybody loves SL even professional photographers.

5. Sawyer is also a newbie in the family. He’s a dual sim, 0+ phone with an air shuffle feature. I named him after a very difficult character from the LOST Series. You have had a love-hate relationship with Sawyer if you are a fan. Anyway, a touchscreen keypad on a small cellphone is such a pain in the A-S-S. I still need to tame Sawyer. Tsk.

6. Jireh is a 2009 1st Gen iPod touch– the oldest of them all. Jireh is a product of my first job, a great companion during the highs and lows of my 2nd job, and a faithful friend as I enjoy my third job.

7. Last but not the least, SERENA, my underwater HD camcorder. I have to say that for a cheap camera, I was able to create awesome videos using Serena. Serena has been idle for months, but I have decided to use her again and make awesome videos.

Hoping to use these little guys on spreading love and a lot of good vibes everywhere!


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