As the cliché goes, “There is nothing permanent in this world but change.” This is becoming clearer and clearer to me everyday.

I have changed a lot. And one thing amazing about this change is that I change really really fast. Everything is streamlined in this post-modern world.

My belief system shifts from time to time. My perception on God is changing rapidly. As I change, He is becoming more relevant and more real in my life (I will talk about more ofthis next timeFriends come and go, and sometimes because of change, I have to end some stories no matter how good they are. My change from being a possessive jerk to a “no strings attached” guy is a pain in the ass, but it removed the unnecessary baggage of obsessive relationships I once had with friends. Change is a bitter sweet experience of being human. We let go. We move on. BUT we continue to love.

Let us embrace change today!


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