Stuff Worth Watching: Last Train Home

I just heard the radio announcer earlier that the Chinese Government and the Philippine Government are planning to rekindle their “friendship” despite the territorial issues against each other. In my opinion, this is a good news because I always believe that the Chinese people and the Filipino people are very much alike.


Last night, I watched the documentary film, Last Train Home. It’s about Chunyun or the migration of the Chinese people to their hometowns during  the Chinese New Year. It’s actually the largest human migration in the world. We are talking about 2 billion people here.


The makers of the film featured one small family out of the 2 billion migrant workers in China during the Chunyun. They have featured a lot of realities about the family of a migrant couple, how they struggled to provide food for their family while balancing it with their broken relationship with their daughter. Not to mention, they have to undergo the very stressful process of Chunyun.

We don’t have Chunyun in our country, but we have the same human problems with China especially the fact how poverty can sometimes break a family.

These film is really a stuff worth watching.


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