Are you happy?


“What’s your weight?”, asked the Dietician.

“130”, my Dad answered.

“… and Height?”

“5 feet, 5 inches”

“Are you following a diet program?”

“We drink smoothies every morning. I cut beer, wine, coffee and softdrinks. I feel lighter. I just need to ask if what I’m doing is right. I lost weight this past week.”

The dietician nodded while jotting down information from my dad.

“Are you happy?”, she asked.

“Pardon?” my dad answered with confusion.

“Are you happy?” she repeated.

“Yes. I think I am.”

“I’m sorry sir, but I can see in your eyes that you are not happy”

My dad nodded while realizing something important in the conversation. Physical health will never be enough.Although our dietician advised the good old “moderation” diet, she also mentioned that when trying a new lifestyle, you should always ask the question, “AM I HAPPY?” From then on, I realized that the most sustainable diet is in fact the simplest.

I’m just amazed that we are created by a God who loves balance. If I will explain further, wordpress will not suffice.




Are you happy? Easy question, hard answer.


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