Postcards from my Childhood Dreams

When I was a kid, I used to love Ancient Egypt as well as anything about Animals. I studied about the said topics and became good at them. Unfortunately, due to my entry in the adult world, I have forgotten about my childhood dreams. I have forgotten that I dreamt about becoming an Egyptologist or a Zoologist.

Again, while I am cleaning my uber dirty room, I found these postcards. They are not just postcards but they’re actually reminders that I have a good childhood (thanks to genetics and my environment). They are also reminders that its never too late to pursue my dreams.

How about you? What were your childhood dreams?


The Australian Zoo postcard was sent to me by the Irwin couple (or the AZ management). I actually cried when Steve was reported to be killed by a stingray.


Below was a card from the Secret World Wildlife Rescue Center.


The 2 Sphinx postcards were sent by my Egyptologist friend, Mr. Edmund Meltzer.



One thought on “Postcards from my Childhood Dreams”

  1. After Goggling my boyhood friend Edmund Meltzer PhD, I fell upon not only your blog, but your not insignificant online presence. Though unable to easily grasp your precise age, (to better appreciate your life stage), there’s no doubt you will achieve much that you seek. Long interested in Oriental culture and with dear Filipino friends who’ve had a very positive impact on my life, I have a particular appreciation of your country and the strivings and successes of Filipinos on the world stage.

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