Stick with 5!

This minimalist lifestyle is very addictive and probably one of the best addictions in the world. Its been almost a month now since I have decided to enter this lifestyle of “less is more.” It’s probably one of the most sustainable lifestyle I have tried, so far.

Today, let me talk about shoes. Recently, I have posted something about buying expensive shoes and how they can actually help you save more money. Of course, when I say “buy expensive shoes” that doesn’t mean that you will buy plenty of expensive shoes. That’s a different case.

Anyway, every time I go out, I have one big problem that I have to solve: What shoes am I going to wear? The funny thing is, I always wear the same old shoes. The decision is always the same. I don’t care if they are clean or not, but as long as they are comfortable,they will go places with me. The other shoes are often left behind with the cobwebs and dust.

So today, I have decided to make my shoe rack a minimalist rack. I have picked 5 of 25 pairs of shoes. That’s a lot and that’s a brave move for me. Tomorrow, I don’t need to worry on what shoes to wear. I only have 5. Two shoes for my work, 1 for my running, 1 for casual day to day events and 1 Fitflop for my travel and adventures. That’s it.



So if you have the same problem like me, jettison the shoes. Give them away!


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