The 50th Post: Opportunities and Threats

If you are a business graduate (or undergraduate), you have probably encountered these words:


These words are your friends when you are making a Strategic Plan, an Industry Study, or a Feasibility Study. O’s and T’s are part of the bigger picture called SWOT. S stands for strengths and W for weaknesses. SWs are internal in context, meaning it is what we have in the company; OTs are the opposites ,they are usually external forces and things we cannot really control. I love OTs because most of the time, the T’s are actually O’s. It’s both easy and complicated.

In our life, we also have OTs. Sometimes, the T’s are like tattoos. They are there forever. We cannot do anything about them since they are external in nature. O’s, can rescue us as long as we have a positive mindset. Are we going to treat the T’s as our O’s, or vice versa?

As the cliche goes, “We cannot control what is happening outside us, but we can control how we respond to them.”

A year ago, I have done a very stupid thing. It is painful than a tattoo because it has haunted me for a year now and the pain of a tattoo usually lasts for 2 days. That stupid thing became a threat. (I don’t want to divulge it here since it is a threat). Probably it’s gonna haunt me forever. It is a threat to my health, a threat to my work, a threat to my relationships. The threat left me hanging in balance.

I have made a decision to ignore the threat. I have forgotten about it but it just surfaced. The threat is still there.

But instead of ignoring it, I realized that I need to look it in the eyes and  treat it as an O; an opportunity that due to that threat, I will be able to live one day at a time. I will accept the fact that I can lose everything– that everything is nothing but temporary. It will make me not hold on to things that doesn’t matter.

The threat is also a faith statement. How can I fully trust God? Am I capable to fully trust him in this situation? How strong am I?

Do you have a threat? Is it possible to make it as an opportunity?



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