I’m Inked Part 2: Ian’s Choice


I am a bit excited to write this post because I can finally write about a “story behind the tattoo” of another person. Since the day I flaunted my own tattoo, my friends suddenly became gung ho about having theirs.

So, this is probably going to be a series of stories about the people I know (and people I dont know) and why they chose the specific art to be part of their lives forever. This is probably the little written version of my favorite show, Miami Ink (LA, New York, etc..).

Before proceeding, I would like to clarify that I am neither a tattoo artist nor planning to be one.Thanks to my shaky hands. I just love watching my cousin do the art. The closest thing that I could possibly get to this industry is to partner with my cousin and manage our own tattoo shop OR just simply write about it.

My cousin’s client for today is Ian. He’s one of my big brothers back in college. We just decided to be brothers because we are both “only child” and we both have large foreheads (although mine’s just discreet). Prior to my Big tattoo day last Friday, we planned on having a tattoo together. Unfortunately, my randomness struck me like lighting. My spontaneity led me to forget that we actually made a deal.



His tattoo designs are both religious. The first one is the Ichtus fish with the word “faith” written inside. The second is a silhouette of Christ on the cross. According to Ian, the symbols represent his undying faith to God and the belief that there is always hope in this world. It is also a tribute to his mother who raised him well with strong Christian values.

Ian’s story reminds me of God himself. In Isaiah 49:16, God says that He has written our names on the palm of His hands. He actually engraved it (NIV). Although it is figurative, I want to take it in the literal sense and connect it with His undying love for us. It is a proof that we are with him forever. No negotiations. No laser removals. It is a commitment.

With Him…Forever.

I apologize if I sound religious, but isn’t it good to think that God is ours and we are His?

Probably for Ian, what he did is more than just a Big Tattoo day or a trip to a torture cell. He just made a faith statement–The cross, the Ichtus fish, the word FAITH.

Congratulations Ian and welcome to the club!



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