The NEW Filipino Family

While waiting for our food at Xtremely Xpresso, I’ve been observing the dining behavior of the Filipino family. It’s a Sunday so I assumed that most of the diners belong to the unit. I don’t want to stereotype the Filipino family since the “sample” is just limited. I don’t intend to generalize as well. (My parents were very participative in the so-called study)

The family next to our table was very interesting. Like us, they were waiting for their food. The father was playing Candy Crash. The eldest son was also playing the said game. The 2 youngest sons were fighting over who’s gonna play next. The mother who was poised enough not to join the boyish quarrel remained silent.

When their food arrived, they remained quiet. They are eating; but every once in a while they are looking at their gadgets, probably checking if a notification popped out.

If you look around the restaurant, the uniformity of the scenario remained constant. Sad, but true…

…the person taking picture of their food…

…upload on Instagram…

…upload on Facebook..

…tweet about it…

…waiting for notifications…

…waiting for LIKES…

…upload another picture (ad infinitum)…

I have nothing against these social sites, though I am personally off the grid with these virtual communities. I am just for meaningful conversations especially within the family.

I remembered one time when I shouted at my father (I’m sorry) because he’s not listening to me at all. I know I overreacted but what I’m trying to say is that dinner should be the time to talk about stuffs, whether important or petty.

What is the meaning of “quality time” these days?

Are we not capable of turning our phones off during the 30-minute lunch time?

Are we becoming numb that we forget that our children needs attention? or that our parents need to hear our thoughts in order for them to guide us?

Can Facebook wait?

Is this the new Filipino family?

Just a thought…


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