To vote or not to vote?

I just had a tattoo earlier. As I have said, I am now inked.

Speaking of another ink (which is the indelible ink) I am currently having a dilemma if I’m going to vote this coming May 13 National elections or not. I would like to apologize but I really am pissed on the political situation that we are having in our country. The campaign process is becoming shittier that ever every election period. That makes me wonder if these people are worthy of my vote.

Voting is a right that we should exercise. But do you think it is now ok to say, “I’d rather not vote than to see these people running our country?”

I will not vote… Is it synonymous to political apathy?

I still have 10 days to decide.

Hoping that at least one candidate will show up worthy of my vote.

If not… May 13 will be another vacation for me.


2 thoughts on “To vote or not to vote?”

  1. Palagay ko nagtatagalog ka… Kasi palagay ko nasa Pinas ka dahil sa mga politician na medyo nakakairita nga talaga. Kaya tagalog ang comment ko, mas presko. First time ko din boboto kung sakali sa May 13 at pareho tayo, hindi ko din alam kung to vote or not to vote. Pero palagay ko, kailangan parin natin gawin ang tungkulin natin bilang Pinoy (kung pinoy ka. sana) ‘yon nga lang hindi ko pa nadidiscover kung kasama sa tungkulin natin bilang botante ang pumili sa mga kandidato, kahit parang wala ka talagang gustong piliin.

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